Featured Artist

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Irishfilmmakers.com is always interested in hearing from people who wish to be considered as our Featured Artist.

So you’re probably asking yourself ‘What do I have to do to be the Featured Artist exactly?’ Good question! Well, you don’t need to have an agent, an IMDB profile or even have much experience to become featured on here.

The simple fact is Ireland is full of gifted and creative people just looking to get their name and work out there. Maybe you’re one of them.

As long as you have a healthy interest in film and tv production, and willing to put yourself out there – you’re more than welcome to apply to be featured on Irishfilmmakers.com.

So whether you’re a budding Actor or Actress, Composer or Director, regardless of your role, we would like to hear from you!

And don’t forget, everyone who becomes our Featured Artist will get their profile included on the front banner of Irishfilmmakers.com, both your interview and profile will remain on the site for future reference – including contact details, demo reels and websites.



What you waiting for? Just email….