Trampoline, a new independently produced Irish feature film made for less than €1000 which was written and directed by 26 year old filmmaker Tom Ryan.

Trampoline is a coming of age drama about a young woman named Angie (played by Aoife Spratt) who moves back home to her local town in Tipperary after she is offered a job teaching at her old school, forcing her to reconnect with her old friends and broken family. While struggling to get her personal life in order she also comes to the difficult realisation that she is not cut out for a career as teacher, and must try to figure out the next step in her life. Trampoline Movie 01

After graduating from St Johns Central College Cork, Tipperary native Tom worked as a camera trainee in New York, London and Dublin on various independent movies and TV shows including Steve McQueen’s Shame and Vikings before setting his sites on this ambitious project.

“Working on movie sets like that was a major learning curve for me, being part of the camera crew allowed me to be on set and watch the directors work during scenes, I was very lucky. Trampoline was highly influenced by American Indie Cinema and I was very fortunate to have worked with some of the best crews in that industry.”

“I knew it was going to be difficult to raise the money needed to produce a feature film but I was very lucky in that I had a tremendously talented crew involved on the shoot with me and all the locals back home in Nenagh Co.Tipperary, which is where the film was set and shot, were incredibly supportive of this project and everybody pitched in to make all of this possible.”

Local businesses kindly sponsored Trampoline by donating towards the budget.

“I raised the money by asking local shops in the town to sponsor us in exchange for their shopfront to be featured in the movie and a mention in the credits. It was an effective approach which paid off.”

Trampoline MovieFamily and friends all pitched in throughout the shoot to provide the crew with the help they needed. In the end the movie ended up costing only €950 for a full length feature film.

Tom hopes that it will stand out from its competition by virtue of the fact that it is a relatable character drama with strong female leading roles.

“We’re not a gritty crime drama, or a violent horror movie. Trampoline is a relevant tale for anyone in their twenties who feels lost and directionless after college.”

The film has just completed post production and is currently being submitted into film festivals across the globe in the hopes of attaining distribution. It has already received an honourable mention from the NYC Indie Film Festival. “I hope that this will be start of a long career for me as a writer/ director. I have endless ideas for features and I’m looking forward to start production on the next one.”



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