Title: Derelict

Director: Frank Kelly

Scheduled release date: 16th September 2012 – Underground Cinema Film Festival – World Premiere.

Tagline: They Should Have Picked Another Building

Synopsis: A group of desperate men kidnap a bank manager and his family. They hold the family hostage in a derelict building while robbing his bank. It should be a simple job. But when they start to think there is someone in the building, watching them, things start to go wrong.

A Scarlet Crescent Pictures Production
In association with Nation of Artists.

Michael Bates
Steve Gunn
Patrick O’Donnell
Gerry Shanahan
Elaine Reddy
Catherine Wrigglesworth
Rory Mullen
Brain Fortune

Production Manager Marie-Valerie Jeantelot
Camera Operator/ Lighting James Mulholland
Make-up Mary Ellen Darby
Stunts Keith Ward
Gaffer Roger Ryan
Production Assistant Eddie Quinn
Trainee Alex Tallon

Susan Downey

Sound Editor
Christopher O’Grady

Music by
Dermot O’Mahony

John Murphy

Director of Photography
John Lawlor

Produced by
Frank Kelly
Richard Quinn
Elliot V. Kotek

Written and Directed by
Frank Kelly

Associate Producers
Marie-Valerie Jeantelot
Trampas Thompson
Samantha Boylan

Production Assistant Eddie Quinn
Make-up Assistant Lorraine Kelly
Trainee Alex Tallon

Equipment Film Equipment Hire Ireland
Location The Millhouse, Slane, County Meath
Insurer Driscoll O’Niel Ltd.

Production schedule:
September 23 – September 30 – 2012

Camera & Equipment being used:
EX1 – Canon 5D & 600D

Shooting Locations:
Millhouse, Slane, Co. Meath
Drogheda, Co. Louth

Editing equipment:
Final Cut Pro




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