Fast Eddie

Title: Fast Eddie

Director:  Neil Hynes

Scheduled Release: November/December 2012

Tagline: Life in the Fast Lane


Fast Eddie is a documentary in production. Fast Eddie looks at life’s predominant challenge; the balancing act between our dreams and responsibilities of everyday life that can distance us from them. The film tracks a man through his summer and autumn as he traverses Ireland’s countryside working by day, and preparing a rally-car by night. All the while managing human relationships, and making every move towards achieving his desire – 1st place at the Clare Stages Championship. Will it be worth the effort in the end? Join us this Summer in a race against time, as we take front seat with one man and his dream.

The idea was born when Hynes discovered Cogans passion for rallying some 5 years ago. He decided to make a short film on Cogans minor preparations before a motor sport event. Hynes returns five years later to put Cogan in the presence of a camera again, but this time it’s not a rehearsal, and the competition is real. Fast Eddie, the name given to Cogan by his friends, seems to fit this summer as September approaches, and Cogans competition car doesnt even have an engine or gearbox in place. Fast Eddie is in production and is set to be a gem that will showcase not just the sport itself, but the life behind it and the power of the film documentary as a medium to capture it.

 Fast Eddie clip:

Crew List:

Director: Neil Hynes.

Producer: Neil Hynes, Miriam Garcia Mortell.

Camera: Dominik Kosicki.

Sound: Ronan Cassidy.

Editor: Dominik Koiscki.

Music: We are looking for composer.

Camera and Equipment:

Sony PMW EX 1 HD Camera

Krasnagorsk 3 16mm Film Camera

Production Schedule:

Filmed already in Limerick on the Friday the 29th and Saturday the 30th of June and Friday the 6th July in Miltown Malbay, Co Clare.

Shooting again on the 30th of July and the 3rd of August. More dates to be confirmed.

Editing Equipment:

Sony Vegas.


Links & Contact:
Fast  Eddie  on  Facebook
Official website in development.