Title: Fractional

Director:  Malcolm Deegan

Tagline: Lies eventually catch up.


A psychiatrist, John Hatchett, wakes up tied to a chair in an abandoned
warehouse. Left with no food, water or chance of escape, John’s only
weapons are his mind and he must use them to full effect… What
transpires is a series of five days in which John is subjected to severe
mental and physical torture by a man called David Crowe – a former patient
who is not of a sound mental capacity.

Not everything John Hatchett tells Crowe is as it seems. John has a past
that he wishes to remain a secret… A secret David Crowe is willing to do
anything to reveal…even ending John’s life.



Desmond Daly   –  John Hatchett
Peter O’ Toole    –  David Crowe
Donna Bradley  –  Sarah Redmond
Paula Gahan      –  Harriet
Paul Byrne         –  Jack Redmond


Written & Directed by Malcolm Deegan

Produced by Peter Bergin & Malcolm Deegan

Director of photography: Malcolm Deegan

Music: Stefan French

Camera & Equipment:

Panasonic Agaf101 With Zeiss 35mm Prime Lenses & Full Handheld Rig,
Monitor, Follow Focus. Indie-dolly Track Rig. Full Steadicam Rig C/w


Isotope Rx 2 & Ozone 5, Sony Vegas 10, After Effects 7.0 Final Cut Pro X.

Shooting Locations:

Howth, Rathmines,various locations around Dublin.

Links & Contact:

Production Company:
Film Website:
Official Facebook Page: Fractional on Facebook
Twitter:  @fractionalfilm

Composer Stefan French: Official Website



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