Ireland’s Oscar Hopefuls


Yesterday the 2012 Academy Award nominations where announced. There’s a strong showing again for Irish talent this year, although disappoinment for Michael Fassbender as he failed to get a nod for his role in Steve Mcqueen’s film Shame.

Two Irish films have been nominated in the Short Film category this year. First is director Peter McDonald’s and producer Eimear O’ Keane’s film Pentecost. Also Northern Ireland director Terry George, gets nominated for The Shore, starring Ciaran Hinds.


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 “Continuing Ireland’s strong run in the Short Film category of the Oscars – two live action short films; Terry George’s ‘The Shore’ and Peter McDonald’s ‘Pentecost’ have both been nominated in the Short Film (Live Action) category. ‘Pentecost’ director Peter McDonald said he was “really proud” of the nomination for the entire cast and crew. “The film I had in my head is the film that I made and I know from my experience as an actor that doesn’t happen unless you have a talent cast and crew to help you achieve this. I hope that the nomination will create new opportunities for all involved. It is great that the film has connected at such a universal level.“ ‘Pentecost’ was supported by the Irish Film Board and was nominated for the Philips Short Film Award at the IFTAs in 2011, ‘The Shore’ received backing by Northern Ireland Screen and is in the running for the Short Film Award at the IFTAs next month.”

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